For a successful experience


As an independent freelancer not attached to any company, I don’t have any “in-house solutions” to sell you. I have only two affections: Postgres and Opensource.

No bullshit

No buzzword. I’ll recommend proven solutions. If not, I’ll warn you about the possible risks (reliability, lack of maturity…).

If I don’t have the skills, no shame, I’ll simply tell you.

Freedom first

I know how to recognize business needs, and I may have to present proprietary solutions.

However, I’ll also introduce open-source solutions whenever possible.

Technical watch

I keep a technical watch on Postgres and its ecosystem. I try to follow the Postgres mailing-list.


I don’t falsify the results of a report. It’s important to be transparent.

Adrien Nayrat
Adrien Nayrat
PostgreSQL DBA Freelance

Postgres and opensource passionate