Adrien Nayrat

Adrien Nayrat

PostgreSQL DBA Freelance

Member of PostgreSQL Europe

For 7 years, I held various positions as a system and network engineer. And it was in 2014 when I started to put my fingers in PostgreSQL. Step by step, I climbed the steps, and over the years I’ve held positions as a consultant, trainer, but also production DBA (Doctolib, Peopledoc).

Attached to open source, I have both participated in community events:

  • French-speaking conferences at PG Day France: I was a participant as well as a speaker.
  • International conferences:
    • The PGCon in Ottawa, Canada. This is the world conference for Postgres developers.
    • PostgreSQL Europe. Europe’s biggest conference, 600 participants, 3 tracks over 3 days.
    • The pgDay Paris. The annual English-speaking conference in Paris. I was lucky enough to be part of the 2020 selection committee, unfortunately cancelled due to COVID. But that’s only a matter of time, as I’m back on the selection committee for 2024.

I’ve also had the opportunity to make a few contributions to the engine. I also participate in various projects in its ecosystem (PoWA, Openstreetmap …)

Since the beginning of 2021 I have been providing freelance consultancy services. I only offer service on PostgreSQL (on-premise, AWS RDS, Google, GCP, Heroku, Clever cloud…). Here’s an overview of what I can do:

  • Audit/advice and architecture consulting: connection pooler, pgbouncer
  • Engine and operating system tuning (linux)
  • Remote DBA
  • Query optimization
  • Database Design
  • Backups
  • Engine-specific supervision (Nagios, icinga, Datadog)
  • Physical and logical replication
  • Skills transfer
  • Advanced uses of Postgres: partitioning, Full Text Search, indexing strategies…
  • Cost reduction with cloud providers

My main strengths are expertise and innovation. The idea is to create a virtuous circle: the customer has a problem => I solve it => the customer becomes more skilled and autonomous, then contacts me again for a more complex problem where I can also learn and grow.

I work with all kinds of customers:

  • Government: Hopitaux de Paris (APHP), ACOSS, DGFIP…
  • Start-ups: Alma, Welcome to the Jungle, Elevo, Plum Energie, Major Corp…
  • Major groups : CNP…
  • SMEs: Frisquet, Plum Energie…

Thus, I’ve come across a multitude of environments (large-scale production, on-premise, cloud) with security and service availability challenges (health, finance…).

I also have a technical blog which I encourage you to visit.

  • PostgreSQL
  • Open Source
  • Linux
  • Database
  • Engineer specialized in networks and telecommunications, 2009

    Ecole nationale supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne

  • Two-year technical degree in Networks and Telecommunications, 2006

    Université d'Auvergne

  • high school diploma in sciences, 2004

    Lycée Chaptal Mende